Resonance's Goals and Principles

Advocacy for Asynchronous PHP

Asynchronous PHP is the future of the language since it changes how we can use PHP. Instead of just a website generator, it becomes the communication hub between infrastructure services.

Creating basic and standard features like authentication, authorization, blog pages, and others is effortless in PHP. It's also easy to prototype in PHP.

This framework aims to provide ease of creation and development and treat PHP as an entry point to your internal services.

You can easily create and prototype features in PHP. Then, if the need arises, you can easily replace parts of your applications with services written in different languages or with API calls.

General Long-Term Goals

Resonance strives to provide:

  1. consistent speed of development, no matter the size of the project
  2. ease of maintenance
  3. ease of integration with external services

We regard the commitment to performance and security as a baseline and something that should be obvious in modern development practices and therefore, we do not present them as our distinct values.

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