To use this feature you need to setup a llama.cpp server.

Maps generally affirmative or negatory answers into strictly yes, no or maybe.

For example:

  • I CONFIRM becomes Yes
  • yes becomes Yes
  • i do not want that becomes No
  • no becomes No
  • i dont know becomes Maybe
  • maybe becomes Maybe

What Is It Good For?

This extractor is useful if you expect fuzzy inputs like yeah, i agree, I confirm, etc, and you need to map them into a more specific output.


After setting up the llama.cpp you only need to provide the user's input. It will then be mapped to either yes, no or maybe.

Resonance uses YesNoMaybe enum for consistency.

<?php use Distantmagic\Resonance\BackusNaurFormGrammar\YesNoMaybeGrammar; use Distantmagic\Resonance\LlamaCppClientInterface; use Distantmagic\Resonance\LlamaCppExtractYesNoMaybe; use Distantmagic\Resonance\YesNoMaybe; /** * @var LlamaCppClientInterface $llamaCppClient * @var YesNoMaybeGrammar $yesNoMaybeGrammar */ $llamaCppExtractYesNoMaybe = new LlamaCppExtractYesNoMaybe( llamaCppClient: $llamaCppClient, yesNoMaybeGrammar: $yesNoMaybeGrammar, ); $response = $llamaCppExtractYesNoMaybe->extract( input: 'Yes! I do want that to happen!', ); assert(YesNoMaybe::Yes === $response->result);
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