Generating Static Sites

Resonance provides a PHP Static Site Generator. This documentation is created with Resonance.

Static Site Generator (SSG) is here because Distantmagic\Resonance focuses on interoperability between services: after developing your website and API, you should document it.

You can do so without installing an additional technology stack and using PHP with Swoole extension.

Using the Default Command

By default, Resonance ships with the static-pages:build command (php ./bin/resonance.php static-pages:build) which uses docs/ directory to build your documentation and the build/ directory to store the output files.

You can modify that command to suit your project's needs.

Programmatic Usage

All Configuration values are loaded from the config.ini file.

Parameter Description
base_url all documentation links are going to be relative to this URL
esbuild_metafile learn more about esbuild metafile in Asset Bundling (esbuild). You can use all asset bundling features (including assets preloading) in static pages.
input_directory location of your input Markdown files
output_directory this is where your files are going to be saved
sitemap this is where sitemap.xml will be saved
<?php namespace App; require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php'; defined('DM_ROOT') or exit('Configuration is not loaded.'); use Distantmagic\Resonance\DependencyInjectionContainer; use Distantmagic\Resonance\StaticPageProcessor; use Swoole\Runtime; use function Swoole\Coroutine\run; Runtime::enableCoroutine(SWOOLE_HOOK_ALL); $container = new DependencyInjectionContainer(); $container->phpProjectFiles->indexDirectory(DM_RESONANCE_ROOT); $container->phpProjectFiles->indexDirectory(DM_APP_ROOT); $container->registerSingletons(); $staticPageProcessor = $container->make(StaticPageProcessor::class); /** * @var bool */ $coroutineResult = run(static function () use ($staticPageProcessor) { $staticPageProcessor->process(); }); exit((int) !$coroutineResult);

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