SQLite-VSS is a SQLite extension for vector search. It supports similarity search and uses FAISS under the hood.



You need PHP sqlite3 extension.

To use SQLite with SQLite-VSS you need to load two additional extensions: vector0.so and vss0.so. They are both available at the SQLite-VSS release page.

After downloading them, you need to enable SQLite extensions in your php.ini file. Look for a similar section:

[sqlite3] ; Directory pointing to SQLite3 extensions ; https://php.net/sqlite3.extension-dir ;sqlite3.extension_dir =

You must configure a directory in sqlite3.extension_dir, and then put those extensions into that directory.


You can configure extension filenames. Both are relative to sqlite3.extension_dir directory and both must be inside that directory:

[sqlite-vss] extension_vector0 = vector0.so extension_vss0 = vss0.so

Creating Database Object

In your class you can then use SQLiteVSSConnectionBuilder to create an SQLite3 instance with VSS extensions loaded:

use Distantmagic\Resonance\SQLiteVSSConnectionBuilder; use SQLite3; class MyClass { private SQLite3 $sqlite; public function __construct(SQLiteVSSConnectionBuilder $builder) { $this->sqlite = $builder->buildConnection(':memory:'); // This should select the currently installed SQLite-VSS version if // everything is installed correctly. $this->sqlite->query('SELECT vss_version()')->fetchArray(); } }
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