By default, the WebSockets server listens to the same port as HTTP Server since WebSockets connections are established by upgrading the HTTP connections.

There is no reason not to start separate WebSockets and HTTP servers. However, they cannot share the same port if they are separated.


Enabling the Server

To enable WebSocket server you need to provide the JsonRPCMethodValidatorInterface. For example:

<?php namespace App; use Distantmagic\Resonance\EnumValuesTrait; use Distantmagic\Resonance\JsonRPCMethodInterface; use Distantmagic\Resonance\NameableEnumTrait; enum JsonRPCMethod: string implements JsonRPCMethodInterface { use EnumValuesTrait; use NameableEnumTrait; case Echo = 'echo'; }

Do not forget about #[WantsFeature(Feature::WebSocket) attribute. If added to any singleton, it tells Resonance to enable the WebSocket server.

<?php namespace App; use Distantmagic\Resonance\Attribute\Singleton; use Distantmagic\Resonance\Attribute\WantsFeature; use Distantmagic\Resonance\Feature; use Distantmagic\Resonance\JsonRPCMethodInterface; use Distantmagic\Resonance\JsonRPCMethodValidatorInterface; #[Singleton(provides: JsonRPCMethodValidatorInterface::class)] #[WantsFeature(Feature::WebSocket)] readonly class JsonRPCMethodValidator implements JsonRPCMethodValidatorInterface { public function cases(): array { return JsonRPCMethod::cases(); } public function castToRPCMethod(string $methodName): JsonRPCMethodInterface { return JsonRPCMethod::from($methodName); } public function names(): array { $ret = []; foreach ($this->cases() as $case) { array_push($ret, $case->getName()); } return $ret; } }

Setting up the Bootstrap

digraph { Handshake [label="Handshake"]; HTTPRequest [label="HTTP Request"]; Open [label="WebSocket Connection Opened"]; Protocol [label="Process Incoming Messages According to the Selected Protocol" shape="rectangle"]; Upgrade [label="Upgrade Connection to WebSocket"]; WebSocketServerController [label="WebSocketServerController"]; HTTPRequest -> WebSocketServerController -> Handshake -> Upgrade -> Open -> Protocol ; }

Establishing the Connection

To establish the connection, selecting the WebSocket protocol (subprotocol) is mandatory.

Protocol instructs the server how to respond to incoming messages and what types of messages to accept.

Resonance is bundled with some basic Protocols.

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