Standalone Promise Adapter

This adapter wraps every GraphQL field resolver in a coroutine.


If you are using Resonance framework you don't have to additionally install the GraphQL adapter - it's already bundled.

You need this step only if you want to use just the Swoole adapter - without the remaining Resonance features.

Swoole Promise Adapter ius bundled with the base Resonance framework, but if you want to use it standalone, without other Resonance features, you can use:

$ composer require distantmagic/graphql-swoole-promise-adapter


You need to pass it as an adapter argument to GraphQL facade provided by webonyx/graphql-php.

After that all queries will use Swoole's coroutines and will be resolved asynchronously:

<?php use Distantmagic\GraphqlSwoolePromiseAdapter\GraphqlSwoolePromiseAdapter; use GraphQL\GraphQL as GraphQLFacade; use GraphQL\Type\Schema; /** * @var Schema $schema * @var string $query * @var mixed $rootValue * @var mixed $context * @var null|array<string,mixed> $variableValues */ $promise = GraphQLFacade::promiseToExecute( new GraphqlSwoolePromiseAdapter(), $schema, $query, $rootValue, $context, $variableValues, ); $promise->then(function (mixed $result) { // ... });
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