Enabling Grants

Grant represents a method of obtaining an access token or, in other words, different authentication flows (through password, token, etc.).

By default, the OAuth2 server has no grants enabled, so you have to add at least one if you want to use it.


You can follow thephpleague/oauth2-server recommendations to decide which grants you want to enable. You can either use League's built-in grants or provide your own.

Doctrine Considerations

If you want to implement repositories by using Doctrine, you should probably use withRepository() method to obtain the Entity Manager. For example:

<?php use Distantmagic\Resonance\DoctrineEntityManagerRepository; use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface; use Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository; #[Singleton(provides: AccessTokenRepositoryInterface::class)] readonly class OAuth2AccessTokenRepository implements AccessTokenRepositoryInterface { public function __construct(private DoctrineEntityManagerRepository $doctrineEntityManagerRepository) { } public function getNewToken(ClientEntityInterface $clientEntity, array $scopes, $userIdentifier = null) { $this ->doctrineEntityManagerRepository ->withRepository(MyDoctrineTokenRepository::class, function (EntityManagerInterface $entityManager, EntityRepository $entityRepository) { // ... }) ; // ... } // ... }

Enabling Grant Types

For each grant you want to enable you have to add a grant provider. For example, if you want to enable client credentials grant:

<?php namespace App\OAuth2GrantProvider; use Distantmagic\Resonance\Attribute\ProvidesOAuth2Grant; use Distantmagic\Resonance\Attribute\Singleton; use Distantmagic\Resonance\OAuth2GrantProvider; use Distantmagic\Resonance\SingletonCollection; use League\OAuth2\Server\Grant\ClientCredentialsGrant; use League\OAuth2\Server\Grant\GrantTypeInterface; #[ProvidesOAuth2Grant] #[Singleton(collection: SingletonCollection::OAuth2Grant)] readonly class ClientCredentialsGrantProvider extends OAuth2GrantProvider { public function provideGrant(): GrantTypeInterface { return new ClientCredentialsGrant(); } }
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