To use this feature you need to setup a llama.cpp server.

Subject extracts a specific phrase from the user's input without modifying that phrase.

What Is It Good For?

It is good for extracting specific phrases like application name, username and any other strings that can be provided in an ambiguous way but need to be extracted exactly as-is.

For example:

User: I have a huge interest in cats and I want my profile to be called Cat Paradise.
Topic: application name
Result: Cat Paradise
User: Change my username to foo_bar
Topic: new username
Result: foo_bar
User: I would like to download a form AA-52XY. I really need it ASAP.
Topic: form id
Result: AA-52XY


<?php use Distantmagic\Resonance\LlamaCppClientInterface; /** * @var LlamaCppClientInterface $llamaCppClient */ $llamaCppExtractSubject = new LlamaCppExtractSubject( llamaCppClient: $llamaCppClient, ); $response = $llamaCppExtractSubject->extract( input: 'Change my username to foo_bar', topic: 'new username', ); assert('foo_bar' === $response->content);
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