The HTTP stack is constructed atop Swoole's server, transforming the application into a long-running PHP process that handles multiple incoming HTTP requests. That diverges from the traditional PHP runtime model, which terminates scripts after servicing a single request.

Resonance offers a slight alternative to the conventional MVC model to harness this capability fully. Instead of creating controllers anew with each incoming request, we aim to maximize object reuse, minimizing response times, memory usage, and Garbage Collector overhead.

Processing Stack

To process the HTTP request the only mandatory element is the Responder. Middlewares and Interceptors are optional components that handle the reusable logic.

Requests can be recursively forwarded to and handled by different Responders until the final HTTP Response is produced.

digraph { Request [label="HTTP Request"]; Response [label="HTTP Response"]; Middleware [label="Middleware"]; Responder [label="Responder"]; Interceptor [label="Interceptor"]; Request -> Middleware -> Responder -> Interceptor; Interceptor -> Response; Interceptor -> Middleware [label="If Request Is Forwarded"]; }

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